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The Stop

The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement - Nick Saul, Andrea Curtis

Many of us at seeing pictures of the elderly, adults out of work or poor people and starving children  say we wish we could help, that there was more we could do.. Nick Saul did more than just talk he acted. This is his story, the story of a successful movement to bring good food and nutrition to everyone. His first entry init this was a building in the projects of Toronto. He believes that everyone should have access to fresh food regardless of status in life and where one lives.


From there he acquired more spaces, room for gardens, classes, bringing people together over food and so much more.  I love Jamie Oliver and his attempts to make school lunches more nutritious, bringing the public's awareness to just how bad those lunches were in regards to the childhood obesity statistics. He has a small part in this book, which I loved.


I would have rated this higher, but the last part of the book just took on a preachy and smug quality that did not for me go over well. Yes, Saul did something great, but I am old school and still believe in a bit of humility. 



A very interesting book, it is well worth the read just to see how something like this gets started, what all is involved and how happy it makes so many people.