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Top Down

Top Down: A Novel of the Kennedy Assassination - Jim Lehrer

Always, always when we talk of President Kennedy the question arises, "Where were you when he was shot?" I was a little too young to remember this, but I do remember my mom crying, and of course I have seen replays after replays of his assassination.


Yet, still I am always tempted to pick you books about the Kennedy's, that strange family with the bad luck. This novel is more about a daughter trying to find solace and closure for her dying family, a man who made a fateful decision on that day and cannot get passed the responsibility he feels. A journalist who tries to help them and an attempt to recreate that day with different results.


The premise of the book was interesting enough, albeit nothing new. The writing though, especially the conversations seemed awkward at times, almost sophomoric. Interesting enough, but I expected better from Jim Lehrer.


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