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Rivers - Michael Farris Smith

We have finally damaged the earth so much that the coastal regions are being struck by unending storms and hurricanes, even the Mississippi valley has become a permanent flood zone. A line is drawn, the line delineating where services and protection will be offered, all other area and people who choose to stay in them are on there on. Of course man kind being what it is, these areas become a violent no man's land.


The tone is similar in nature to The Road but this is much more expansive than that book was and had many more characters that have banded together due to various circumstances. Parts of it also reminded me of The Stand, the personal and physical journey undertaken by these characters. The comparisons are only fleeting, this book offers much more, some poignant moments, reflections back to a better time, and the message that as long as there is humanity, there is still hope. I really liked how this author balanced moments of desolation and violence, with moments of love and sacrifice.