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The Tilted World

The Tilted World - Tom Franklin, Beth Ann Fennelly

The 1920's was a time for a great many changes, it also ushered in a tremendous opportunity for crime. Prohibition, bootleggers, saboteurs, and revenue men all have a prominent role in this book. There was also one of the greatest natural disasters to ever strike the United States which happened in 1927 and affected those along the Mississippi River, from Cairo, Illinois all the way to Mississippi.

Loved the history behind this book, but also loved the characters. The Civil War had Scarlet and Rhett, the carpetbagger and the southern belle. This book has Dixie Clay, the bootlegger and Ingersoll, the orphan and revenue man. Not quite as contentions and intense a relationship but then again Gone with the Wind was much longer. Anyway it all comes together and u=yes it is fairly predictable in a way but Ingersoll is a character worth reading this book for, even if the history and the big flood is not of interest. Good book, really love how Franklin writes.


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