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The Child Garden

The Child Garden: A Novel - Catriona McPherson

 I know this author writes the Dandy Gilver series, but I am not a big cozy reader, so my first experience reading her was the novel [book:As She Left It|16249308]. I loved her writing style in this standalone and loved it in this novel as well. She manages to combine an eeriness, some follklore and superstitions with some amazing characters and many elements of the traditional mystery.

This outing features a woman who becomes embroiled in a mystery, who done it when a friend from her earlier school days lands on her doorstep. So she investigates suspect by suspect, with some pretty coincidental discoveries. She is also the divorced mother of a seriously handicapped young man who is her top priority. Loved the trail she sets off on and also liked that though there are many people involved she takes them one by one. A good solid mystery and I certainly hope McPherson keeps writing her stand-alones.

ARC from NetGalley.