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Bulll Mountain

Bull Mountain - Brian Panowich

Clayton Burroughs is the only member of his family not involved in its crime network. He,instead became the Sheriff. His family had ruled Bull Mountain in Northern Georgia for generations first with moonshine, than marijuana and lastly meth. They are a hard people, not adverse to killing those who try to get in their way.

We learn something about each generation though most of the story takes place in the current one, with one brother dead and two facing off against each other. A surprise is thrown into the mix with the arrival of a federal agent, Agent Holly, and he will be the match6 that sets off the fire. He though has his own secrets, his own story.

This is a tightly structured book, suspenseful, intriguing and violent. A novel about fathers and sons, about money and expectations, retribution and revenge. If you have read Deliverance, you know not to wander around in the mountains, although this is set in a different
place it reinforces that viewpoint.

<spoiler> I think this is the first book I have read that almost every character has either shot someone, been shot or been seriously maimed.