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We never asked for wings

We Never Asked for Wings: A Novel - Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Sometimes a story just grabs you, either for the plot or for the characters. In this one it was some of both, I loved the characters, their flaws, their hope and dreams, their struggles, but I also loved the plot. Young love, trying to become a mother for Letty, after a very long time when she let her parents raise her two children, Alex fifteen and Letty six. Loved Letty, her exuberance, her determination and her fun personality. Some of her antics had me laughing.


I loved this author previous novels but I feel that this novel is more tightly structured, that she has definitely matured as a writer. She writes with a light touch on some serious issues. The struggle for immigrants, especially undocumented ones to learn the language and to survive speaking very English. The constant fear of deportation. The bullying and struggles young people who are at all different or have physical challenges have in schools in so called less than ideal areas.


Loved all the bird talk, Alex, his grandfather and the feathers. The tie that will forever bind the pair. A very good story that flows well. Curious to see what this author tackles next.

ARC from publisher.