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in a vertigo of silence

In a Vertigo of Silence - Miriam Polli

3.5 this is one of those quiet stories that creep up on you slowly. Three generations of women, starting in the 1920's, when the matriarch arrives with her husband from Poland. He find employment in the mines, but dies there as does her second husband, Boris. Alone she raises her three daughters, one who has some severe mental issues that is never really talked about in the beginning of the book. A few family secrets will eventually come to light, discovered by Emily, a granddaughter who was basically raised by her grandmother. When she is older and finds out the secrets they will change much in her young life.

Loved the characters and Emily's relationship with her grandmother reminded me so much of the one I has with mine. Not that my mother was ill, but she worked and my grandparents pitched in. The grandmother  was my favorite character. The writing is wonderful and it is hard to believe this is a first novel. A generational novel that shows how different members of a family can be and how the mother daughter relationship can be so difficult.

ARC from netgalley.