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Being Mortal

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End - Atul Gawande

A very eye opening book on aging, what happens as we age, and where do we go, when we can no longer take care of ourselves. This book asks some very interesting questions, makes one really think about the importance of making these decisions while one is still able. What is important to us, what are we willing to give up, are some of those questions.

The writing is clear, and concise, the information extensive but not at all confusing. The people whose life's are presented are treated as real people, not just case studies. One person is very close to the author and we see all the decision making that goes into his final acceptance. Sad, yes sometimes, but we are all going to age, no matter where we live and this book covers so much. I consider it a must read, a gaining of intelligence and a new way of looking at many things. Wonderful book.