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Girl Underwater

Girl Underwater - Claire Kells

All Avery wanted to do, all she has trained for is competitive swimming. Coming back, the plane she is on goes down in the Rockies Mountains, with a fellow swimmer and Olympic hopeful Colin. They survive and are able to save three very young boys. For fice days, in freezing temps, with Colin injured, they manage to stay alive and keep the small boys alive as well.

After the event and the rescue it is apparent that what the media believes happened is not all that happened. A good look at PTSD as Avery tries to regain her life in the water and out. Her character is what drew me to this book, her character and all her doubts, faults and fears make her a very real person to relate to. Also, loved that not only was this an adventure story but a poignant one, showing how close a serious incident can draw people together for the longest time. Loved the ending and the peace she makes with herself and her fellow survivors. The ending a bit predictable but fitting after everything Avery goes through, A good first book and definitely a writer to watch.

ARC from publisher.