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Sisters of heart and snow

Sisters of Heart and Snow - Margaret Dilloway

3.5 It is always tricky when writing a story with two very different time lines, usually I end up liking one way more than the other. In this case I likes them both and they complimented each other very well. Present day finds two sisters trying to regain a relationship to help their mother who is in a convalescent center, remembers very little and is fading fast. In one of her normal moments she asks her daughter to find a book that is in her sewing room. This starts a journey onto the past, back to the days of the samurai, and a very special woman who was a female warrior.

Interesting back stories, present and past, but this book is about relationships.
Sisters of blood, or sisters that you come to love and care for, protect and defend. And of course the relationships, so often complicated between mothers and daughters. The father in this book was a major piece of work and I really wished bas things for him, but maybe loneliness as he ages will ne his just punishment.
Good book, probably my favorite by this author.

ARC by publisher.