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American Ghost

American Ghost: The True Story of a Family's Haunted Past - Hannah Nordhaus

3.5 Although I expected this to be more of a ghost story, which many different, psychics, dowsers, and other paranormal professionals die five their opinions, I found so much more. The story of a Jewish family, settling Santa Fe, in its earliest days. So much history, politics, the railroad and the family with Julia as its matriarch and Abraham as the paternal head. From the beginning Julia missed Germany where her family was very prominent and she never truly embraced her new home. They had many children and it was interesting reading about they family, many whom suffered from depression and other forms of mental illnesses.

Julia many times went to sanitariums and made many trips back home to Germany, in hopes of a cure for her lingering depression. Many times her daughters would accompany her. Abraham became very successful, building a huge house and hiring help for Julia, even bringing cousins over from Germany as a companion for her, but nothing seemed to have a lasting effect.

Of course the archbishop Cather fame is mentioned as is his relationship with both Julia and Abraham and the church he built. Found this book quite fascinating and loved how the author went about uncovering and discovering the pieces of her family. So not exactly a ghost story, though it is said that Julia's ghost does roam throughout the hotel, which used to be her house. Well who knows, stranger things have happened.

ARC from publisher.