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Aquarium - David Vann

This book is a full package presentation, exquisitely assembled with the utmost care. The cover resembles iridescent fish scales, shades of silver, pink and aqua. The title of the novel, "aquarium' written in silvery aqua print. Simply gorgeous. Inside the end papers are on brilliant aqua and the  pages are thickly cut. The aquarium is where a twelve year old girl  first encounters a man who turns out to be someone very important in her life'. The pictures of the fishes they seem real and expressive, brilliantly colored. Just a beautifully put together, one of the best I have seen lately, so much thought.

As for what I read, soul searing want and need, forgiveness and redemption fairly tremble off the pages. A young twelve year old wanting a family, wanting a complete mother emptied of hate and will, sacrifice all to get this. Can she literally drag forgiveness from people who have no wish to yield it? Such a  brilliant and yes, even creepy read about the need to start over, a second chance to grab what is lost and start again. Using fish as a metaphor this search for family is original, the need to make over, universal, but will it work with people whom have such an ugly past behind them?

Unique, original, powerful, can't, say I enjoyed but I do admire this author's talent, and will seek out more of his work.