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In Wilderness: A Novel - Diane Thomas

3rd review,
Still in the ICU but
Waiting for a bed.

I finished this about a week ago and while there were many things I liked, there was some I didn't. In another thread a few friends and I were, discussing how we each need different things from a story, how we identify with characters or plots. Interesting conversations and now after my recent hospital experiences my review has been hijacked because I identified in a big way with Catherine. A young woman basically being poisoned with modernism, allergic to life's busy epicenters. See, this is what happened to me in a very basic way and I ended up here. Three separate incidents, things found and smelled in everyday settings. So my book focus changed and I could now identify.

A brilliantly descriptive writer, the mountains, the flowers, nature in all its glory left me spellbound with awe. And against the beauty, Catherine's environmental death penalty and a young man with PTSD and some serious scars from his past. Their coming together is violent, obsessive and in some way insidiously off putting. so, while this book has it's ups and downs, it is well written and brings together two injured souls just trying to survive.