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Whisper Hollow

Whisper Hollow - Chris Cander

Early 1920's, in a mining town in West Virginia. Company owned houses, general store, a place where the miners work terrifically hard to support their families. Getting ahead is really not an option, just surviving and able to put food on the table is considered lucky. Myrthen, her twin sister and mother are supported by their miner father, a fairly content family until a terrible accident will change them beyond expectation. Myrthen becomes an ardent Catholic, wanting to dedicate herself to a reflected convent for life. Life though has other plans for her and these plans will not only alter her life but other lives too, far into the future.

Such a gritty perspective of the lives lived in these small mining communities.
The power of the local church and its outreach into people's personal lives. What lengths a person will go to using self justification in order to achieve the only life she can envision. What a moral conundrum these characters find themselves in, conflicted and wanting what they can't have. A horrible tragedy, every miner's nightmare, and one character Alma, a favorite of mine, will loose virtually everything she holds dear, but will have to find a way to move forward.

A good solid, dark story with some very interesting characters. An inside look at those who made their living from these terrible mines. A young boy who fourteen years later will have knowledge of the terrible event without even being born yet. This will shake up the people once again.

ARC from publisher.