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Plague Land

Plague Land: A Novel - S. D. Sykes

Sent to a monastery at the age of seven Oswald, the youngest son, never expected to inherit his family manor and holdings. Thanks to the plague which has devastated the land, taking the lives of Oswald's father and two elder brothers, leaving only his mother and sister Clemence  at home he now has new and big responsibilities form which he was never trained. With Brother Peter, whose care he had been under for over ten years at the monastery, he arrives to take his rightful, position of the new Lord of Somerhill.

He finds everything has changed, and he finds one of his tenants has been murdered

 . He will set out to find the killer but before he does many other things, will need his attention. The writing in this novel is buoyant, kind of airy and it sets itself up admirably against the darkness of the Middle Ages. A corrupt priest who plays on the superstition of the people, using the power and fear of the church to try to direct things his way. There are many revelations, some good people that are considered bad morally but prove a sharp contrast to those who are in a position that demands morality but are corrupt in many ways. Secrets are eventually revealed that will change the course of the story again and again.

Though most is solved by book's end there is one tiny plot line that may just contain a cliffhanger that may indicate another book, possibly a series. I hope so, I really enjoyed this book, the characters and the time period.