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Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral - Mary Doria Russell

You know those silly questionnaires that ask, if you could meet anyone alive or dead who would you choose? I think I would choose Doc Holiday, he was such a complicated person, the many different sides to his personality, his diverse talents. I find him fascinating and loved Russell's novel, Doc. This book was much more extensive, and Doc only plays a small part, yet the parts that contained him and Josie, who would eventually become Wyatt Earps wife were among my favorites.

The atmosphere in this story was spot on, while reading I felt like I was in Tombstone. The dirt in the streets, the wooden houses, the gun fights, the gambling, prostitution, drinking and stage coach robberies. All the Warps and their women are prominently featured. The political maneuvering, even way back then there was criminal activity and differences between the Republicans and Democrats. Go figure.

A lawless time, as Tombstone tries to grow and become a safe town. The relationship and loyalty between Doc and the Earps. Of course it ends in the gun fight at the OK Corral, and the rest as they say is history.
Yet it doesn't end there, not in this novel as the author goes on to show how Josie fights for a heroic vision of her husband, the sanitized version that will go down in history.

A book, so incredibly well written, that will appeal to history readers as well as those who love Westerns.