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the pocket wife

The Pocket Wife: A Novel - Susan Crawford

Dana, can't remember much of the last afternoon she spent with her friend. Much can be blamed on the drinking they both did, but to make it even more difficult, Dana is bi-polar, off her meds and slightly manic. Yet, her friend is dead and she remembers only bits and pieces. Could she possibly have killed her?

Can't say this was the most suspenseful read but it was different and I sympathized with Dana's struggles. Not only is her husband cheating on her, but as she tries to stay ahead of her mania to find out what actually happened to her friend, she finds herself in a defensive position with the police. Now that was my favorite character, Jack the detective assigned to this case. He has personal problems of his own but he is dogged and sympathetic, regretting past mistakes and trying to do the right thing.

The ending, not too sure of, don't think it could have played that way, someone in that particular line of work wouldn't be that naïve. Can't say more because I don't want to spoil it for future readers. A good read, less mystery than character study, but an interesting one.

ARC from publisher.