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Dark Rooms

Dark Rooms: A Novel - Lili Anolik

If this book did nothing else it made me so incredibly grateful for the mother I has. Not that my family was perfect by any means but the mother in this book is a piece of work. Seriously she makes Joan Crawford look the a nominee for mother of the year.

grace is the eldest, the quiet sister, the good one. Nica, one year younger is popular, considered by many to be wild. Despite these differences the sisters were close, so when Nica doesn't return home one night and is found dead the next morning it sends Grace into a tailspin.

This is much more than a murder mystery, it is about detrimental secrets that come back to haunt, about a woman who is selfish beyond measure, young love and a young woman finding answers, finding peace, a resolution and finally coming into her own.

A first novel that is very well done. There are many twists and turns, revelations and red herrings, and I just kept turning the pages. Not sure why this book resonated so with me but I really liked and understood the character of Grace, and felt sorry for the young Nica. Interesting and suspenseful, a very good debut mystery.

ARC from publisher.