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Someone to watch over me

Someone to Watch Over Me: A Thriller (Thora Gudmundsdottir) - Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Against the backdrop of Iceland's fiscal crisis, this multi-faceted novel provided a literate and very suspenseful read. A fire in a home that sheltered those unable to look after themselves, an autistic boy, a paralyzed girl, another girl with locked in syndrome and a young man with limited intelligence, kills all including the night watchman and the young man charged. But did he do it?

Asked to re-open the case, Thora sets out to uncover evidence that this young man of sub mental abilities did not have the planning skills necessary to commit this crime. Love the character of Thora, she has a blended family and a dogged sense of right and wrong. There are multiple threads in this story and for quite some time I was not sure where they fit, including a haunted house and young child. There are constant revelations to keep the plot moving, very interesting characters and eventually all comes together in a very believable and well plotted way.

A very good thriller, this writer just gets better and better. Love that her stories are so structurally tight, nothing is left hanging. One of the best Nordic stories I have read lately.

ARC from NetGalley.