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The Precious one

The Precious One: A Novel - Marisa de los Santos

I was reading all the reviews of four and five stars and wondering why this book didn't affect me the way it did many of the other readers. Not that there is anything wrong with this book, it was good, a comfort read if you will  and somewhat predictable. I enjoyed the character of Taisy but found the character of Willow at times irritating. Think at sixteen she acted very child like, in the book this seems to be the result of homeschooling, awkwardness in social settings. Although I suppose there are children who are homeschooled that have this problem, I know many including my son's wife and her nor her siblings acted anything like this.

Did deal with some weighty issues in a respectful way and that I appreciated. So for this was good, but not anything as special as other readers seem to find it.

ARC from publisher.