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Touch of Stardust

A Touch of Stardust: A Novel - Kate Alcott

To this day, Gone with the Wind remains one of my favorite books and the movie one of only three that I have watched more than once. It was extremely thrilling to memo find myself once again lost in the wonderful world of that movie, this time having a back seat to its making and some of its stars. Carole Lombard, Clark Gable and a young Vivian Leigh along wit the perfectionist David Selznick. So very interesting.

Trying to enter this rarified world is a young Julie Crawford from Fort Wayne, Indiana who wants to be script writer. Carole Lombard will take this young woman under her wing and Julie will fall in love with a young Jewish man Andy, Selznick's assistant. Yet, everything is not sweetness and light because Hitler is in power and war will soon be declared.

The author did a great job contrasting the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, where things were often make believe and larger than life, with the horror of what was happening overseas. Using Andy, whose grandparents have disappeared from Germany, the darkness of reality threatens the make believe atmosphere of making movies and threatens the relationship between Andy and Julie. Julie, will change and grow throughout this novel, often with Carole's wise words, and become a force of her own.

A joy to read, a book that reads light but with a deeper underlying message. The author afterwards does a wonderful job of updating the reader on the success of Gone with the Wind as well as it's key players. There is even a brief appearance by Margaret Mitchell.

ARC from publisher.