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Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League

Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League - Jonathan Odell

A perfect book to read for Black History Month. Mississippi, 1950's and Hazel, newly married is living with her husband Floyd, an up and coming man in the white community. Hazel though, is not really accepted, she is out of her depth and feels this way as well. She will lose a son, take up drinking and have to fight hard to be a mother to her remaining son. She will do this with the help of a black woman, Vida, who has been hired to watch Miss Hazel. Vida has had loses of her own, her and her father Lev, a former preacher have little left to lose.

Loved the story, loved the characters, well most of them. This is a town that wants to keep its negroes in their place, and the sheriff, has the most reason of all. There is humor, these black women were amazing, compassion and love. A final comeuppance wonderfully staged and a ending that had me teary eyed.

This is the time of Rosa Parks and yes, the women hear of her exploits in this town. The beginning of Martin Luther King and the civil rights era. The afterward is very informative and from it I found out so much I didn't know.

For me this is a memorable book about women of both colors finding a power of their own and fighting to keep it. Another winner from Odell.

ARC from publisher.