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The American Lover

The American Lover - Rose Tremain

Loved so many of these varied stories. Her writing is amazing, fitting each story in each country and time period perfectly. From the Jester of Astapovo, where a man who signals in the trains, abhors the fact that nothing will ever happen in his life, just monotony, the same day by day.. Then two men and a woman arrive, the man clearly ill and needing a bed, which is supplied in the house of the train man. Turns out that the dying man is Tolstoy, furnishing more than enough memories to last the train man for the rest of his life.

Another story, The Housekeeper imagines Du Maurer visiting what will later be Manderley and the housekeeper will be the much maligned Mrs. Danvers. All these stories were entertaining with the common themes of loneliness, lust and just when some get their heart's desire, a tragedy occurs which derails the dream.

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