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Black Dog Summer

Black Dog Summer: A Novel - Miranda Sherry

3.5 I was not a big lover of Lovely Bones, and this book too is narrated by the recent dead, but for some reason I liked this one. I, know the atmosphere had much to do with this, it was melancholy and psychological but not without hope. The location too played into it, South Africa post apartheid when there was so much killing of the framers in the remoter regions of the country, in this case it was killing on a farm that tried to conserve and save the animals of this region. The culture too I found fascinating, the mix between the beliefs of the past and those of the present.

Family relationships, the competition between sisters and some good characters that we learn much from in backstories. Lesedi, a sangoma, who throws bones and reads them in able to help her client. Gigi, a young girl who watched the murder of her mother and is now trying to adjust. But sometimes what one experiences comes back to haunt with terrifying consequences. Bryon, a young girl who will prove to be much wiser than her age.

Although this is narrated by Sally, now dead, she follows and grabs on to stories and memory lines. Very interesting concept, and one that worked for me, very well.