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Before he finds her

Before He Finds Her - Michael Kardos

Ramsey Miller is a very interesting and flawed character. He had a less than ideal childhood and was often in trouble with the law. All that changed when he met a new friend, Eric, a man trying to stay off alcohol and a man who has a seep faith in the lord. It changed too when he met his wife and they had a child. Or did he change? As  I wasreading this it seemed very possible that he had murdered his wife and daughter. He had a terrible temper that he tried hard to control and after meeting a fellow trucker, he really believed from the book the trucker gave him, that the planets were going to align for the first time. This would cause the end of the world. He had also been told something of a personal revelation, one that caused him both deep pain and anger.

A very solid story, with constant revelations that keep the story moving. Good characters that often surprise with their actions, and a wonderful newsman, now retired but still haunted by this story, one that never really had a resolution since the police has never managed to lay their hands on Ramsay. Where did he go? What actually happened that night? Read it and find out.

ARC from NetGalley.