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The secrets of midwives

The Secrets of Midwives - Sally Hepworth

A mixed read for me. While I enjoyed all the stories of childbirth, the women and their situations, I enjoyed some of the characters much less. A multigenerational novel of a family midwives, the story is told in alternate chapters by Flossie, Grace and Neva. Neva, I felt was somewhat easy to follow, her character was a bit thin and predictable, though she does have a secret that is not revealed until the end. Grace, her mother, I found extremely annoying, her character seemed to play much younger than her years. Flossie and her story I found the most interesting and hence she became the character I liked the most. Throw in a birthing center, headed by a much married but lecherous doctor and much of this seemed like an episode of ER.

So read for the birthing stories or the story and character of Flossie, but the story was much lighter than I expected. Good, but needed more depth.

ARC from NetGalley.