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Unravelling Oliver

Unravelling Oliver - Liz Nugent

3.5 Finished this yesterday and have thought about it on and off since then. The opening is such a grabber, an act of violence seemingly out of the blue, but in intimate situations things seldom work that way. So what caused this, what led up to this? We hear from the many people influenced by the life of Oliver, the people closest to him, the people who knew him in various stages of his life. What makes a man who could act so violently.

Makes one think. I felt different ways about Oliver, in different time frames, I actually felt sorry for him for much of this book. Still not sure how I ended up feeling about him by the end, dislike, tinged with pity and an understanding of how he came to be what he was. Not that it excuses anything, he was still the cause of some horrific damage.

A good psychological study that will give one much to think about and discuss.  Quite good for a first novel and I look forward to her next.