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Fiercombe Manor

Fiercombe Manor - Kate Riordan

3.5 An old manor house, a hidden journal, a summer house with a secret room, a glass house falling apart and a 40 year old mystery. These are the things that Alice finds when she is sent to Fiercombe manor in 1933. Sent by her mother after a one night sexual relationship , leaves her pregnant.

Love the gothic tone of this novel, the slowness of the story and the secrets and the way they are revealed. What did happen to Elizabeth Stanton and her daughter Isabelle? In alternate voices, we hear from Elizabeth, her pregnancies ending in sadness, her faltering relationship with her husband, Edward, her deepest fears and terrible memories. We watch as Alice attempts to piece together all the things she uncovers along with the many things she senses.

A good, entertaining novel, perfect for the dark days of winter.

ARC from publisher.